Ein EU-Projekt zur wissenschaftlichen Weiterbildung mit dem Ziel, unterschiedliche nationale Konzepte zur Überwindung der Kluft zwischen wissenschaftlicher Theorie und Praxis auszutauschen.

DIALOGUE aims at bridging the gap betweenacademic research on University Lifelong Learning (ULLL) and the professional practice around adult teaching, learning and guidance within LLL provision. By  strengthening these links, the project will support the collective production of knowledge and the interactive exchange of information, which reinforces the evolution of LLL and linked benefits for European society.

In order to strengthen the networks between researchers and practitioners, the DIALOGUE project is creating a European space for DIALOGUE between researches, practitioners and policy makers in the field. Partners are exploring models of good practice in the transfer of research results to professional practice on the one hand and of involving practitioners in research activities on the other hand. The analysed findings will be discussed at institutional level and with national and international networks. All discussions will contribute to the development of final recommendations aiming at the promotion of a sustainable ULLL DIALOGUE.

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